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  1. The Sentiment’s Terms and Conditions must be respected in full. Breaches of these terms may lead to account closure or moderation.
  2. One person per account. Author accounts are to be used by only one person. It is free to register accounts on The Sentiment so we encourage individuals to log into their personal account before submitting an article or posting a comment.
  3. Personal details in author bios. To maintain The Sentiment’s journalistic integrity and responsible reporting, users who submit articles will have their registered email address included in their author bios.  The Sentiment cannot control who will contact you or with what content.
  4. Profanity/harassment. Personal abuse is not allowed since it falls under harassment. Profanity in posts is not normally tolerated. Please avoid profanity in general. Repeated or extreme profanity will most likely lead to account suspension. You should know some words that aren’t profanities – use them instead.
  5. Complaints about posts or users. If you have a problem with a user’s post, send The Sentiment a private message, rather than flaming them in the thread. In particular, if you think somebody is using multiple identities, don’t tell them, tell us and we will investigate.
  6. Name your source. If referring to or pasting an article in your comments, please include a reference so people can research further if they wish. This is polite to the original author and your readers and saves you being accused of making it up.
  7. Company representatives. If you have a significant role (director, senior management, PR, etc.) in a company and you are submitting a comment or article where the content is related to your company, you must disclose this. We would ask you to become an authenticated company representative, (especially if you are claiming to be authorised to speak on behalf of the company) to prevent any misunderstandings.
  8. Discussion of moderation is not permitted on the site.

Posting Offences

Posting offences may result in users being temporarily suspended, and repeated offenders will get users banned:

  1. Harassment against another user. Personal harassment against another user will not be accepted, regardless of the poster’s intention. If you feel a user has violated the terms of use, please send us a message.
  2. Disrespect for moderators. Flaming moderators or admin also falls under harassment of another user. Multiple or serious offences will get you banned.
  3. Profanity against a user. Similar to harassment, but will probably get you suspended for longer.
  4. Copyright Infringement. Upload, post, email, transmit or otherwise make available any Content that infringes on any patent, trademark, trade secret, copyright or other proprietary rights (“Rights”) of any party. Any publication that is a paid subscription will not tolerate you posting the information here and may result in a legal issue.
  5. Plagiarism. Users who copy other people’s work and claim it as your own by not crediting the author or source will not be tolerated and may lead to account suspension.